Sophocles’ Antigone and Graded Latin Reader Available

A completed draft of Sophocles’ Antigone is now available. Click the menu for Sophocles at the top of the webpage to find the pdf. I had planned to open the commentary to collaboration, but Google Docs and other recommended solutions proved to be too cumbersome. I will try to find a better solution in the future.

I have also completed a draft of a well-known graded Latin reader that covers early historical legends from Aeneas, through the seven kings, and into the early Republic. These readings are heavily adapted from Livy Books 1 and 2. The tentative title for the book is Fabulae Ab Urbe Condita. Click the Ritchie link at the top of the page to find the pdf.

These drafts are not polished commentaries. Often the introductions and glossaries are incomplete, and the commentary itself has not been proofread. There are, however, many readers who benefit immediately from access to these early drafts, and it is for this reason that I make them available.

If I am not creating the commentaries or ancillary materials that you need, please let me know.

If you wish to adapt any of these commentaries for a non-English audience, I will gladly help in any way that I can and pass along all relevant MS Word .doc files. Whatever you produce for a non-English speaking audience is independent work and your own publication.


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