Antigone and Phaedo now in print (June 2015)

New commentaries for Sophocles’ Antigone and Plato’s Phaedo are now available at the discounted prices of 9.95 and 10.95  respectively on The first volume is 140 pages, while the second one is 260 pages. Free pdf copies of both editions are available on this website.

You will notice that the covers of both of these books are rather plain. I plan to replace the covers with more elaborate designs at a future date.

Instead of offering vocabulary flashcards in .ppt and .jpg formats, I plan to add the core vocabularies to Quizlet–with corresponding links, of course–and include a .doc copy of the core vocabulary for instructors and readers to use as they please. If you wish to recommend changes to the ancillaries or the commentaries themselves, please let me know.


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