Spring Update: Oedipus in paperback, Phaedo in beta, Antigone

Oedipus Tyrannus is now available in paperback at a discounted price of 9.95 during the initial year. You may download a pdf copy of the commentary from the website for free.

A completed beta edition of Plato’s Phaedo is also available on this website. The commentary has yet to be revised, but I hope that early access to the draft will encourage readers interested either in the depiction of Socrates’ execution or in Plato’s thoughts on the soul and forms to read selected passages or the entire work.

The Antigone is currently being revised and expanded to include a metrical analysis of the choral odes similar to that found in the Oedipus Tyrannus volume.


On a final note, I continue to be both surprised and humbled by your generous offers of advice and corrections. I take your support and criticisms very seriously and make revisions as often as I am able. If there is an ancillary that you need and I have not yet made it available, please let me know. Thank you.







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