10 Letters of Seneca

  1. 10 Letters of Seneca: Latin Text with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary (14 mb, pdf, beta ed., 13Nov21)

This beta edition includes the text of 10 Letters from Seneca’s Epistulae Morales.  Each of the 104 pages includes 11 lines of Latin text with corresponding vocabulary and grammatical notes arranged below the text on the same page. Below is the list of 10 letters:


This edition also includes Latin-only pages for classroom review. 

In addition to the commentary, there are text-only pages for teachers who want students to review the text in a classroom setting without access to notes.

A running vocabulary list of core words is in the introduction, and an alphabetized list of the core words is available in the glossary.

2. Recommend Changes directly on a pdf of 10 Letters of Seneca: This link opens Adobe Docs and allows anyone to pin and make comments, corrections, or suggestions to the Seneca commentary pdf. I receive notifications of the changes immediately and promise to include the revisions and update the pdf promptly. Thank you .