2nd ed. of Odyssey 9-12 now available

Among the very helpful comments and suggestions for future projects, several readers convinced me to put off a new project and work on a much-needed revision of Odyssey 9-12 during the Spring of 2016.

The 2nd edition is now available in print and includes the following changes:

(1) The two-page commentary format is now a single-page format with ten lines of Greek text and all corresponding vocabulary and notes on the same page.

(2) A running core vocabulary list has been added to the introduction.

(3) The grammatical notes have been completely rewritten and expanded.

(4) The Greek text has been converted to unicode Greek.

A pdf of this 2nd edition is available on the Odyssey 9-12 page (link above), and a link to the paperback on Amazon ($14.95 USD) can be found in the right-hand margin of this website.

I am very grateful to J.O. in North Carolina and P.D. in Massachusetts for encouraging me to complete this revision.

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