Euripides’ Medea on Amazon

Euripides’ Medea was published in August 2015 but is only now available on Amazon ($10.95 USD). A link to Amazon can be found in the right-hand margin of this website.

I always like to add new features to each commentary to see whether they should be included in future volumes, and the Medea is no different.

One feature of this commentary, not found in earlier volumes, is a simple five-page summary of the uses of the optative, the subjunctive, and αν + indicative found in the tragedy (pp. 105-109). This summary, I believe, will go far in relieving a reader’s anxiety about the sort of constructions she will encounter in the tragedy and make the reading experience more pleasurable and insightful.

Another feature that I think readers will find useful in the glossary is the summary of the uses of φαίνω and ὄλλυμι in the play and a tally of Euripides’ use of various correlative pronouns and adverbs.

These two sections highlight the benefits–particularly for instructors–of using the search function available in the free pdf copy of the commentary. With a simple search for “opt,” for example, one can find and compile every instance of the optative in the play. Likewise, a search for a dictionary entry such as ἄσμενος will reveal every page where that word occurs in the play.


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