Livy Book I in paperback by Sept. 1st, Collaborations, Flashcards

Livy Ab Urbe Condita Book 1 will appear in paperback by September 1st. Livy is immensely enjoyable to read. If you are an independent reader up to the challenge, you are sure to be rewarded. With 12 lines of prose over 170 pages, it is easy to develop a reading regimen (a page or two per day?) that fits with the rest of your life.

There are currently four collaborative projects with different primary authors, and I have commitments through Summer 2020. I cannot consider any more projects at the moment. Some authors may choose to make their work available on this website, others may pursue traditional publication. In any case, I will post an update when these commentaries are available. The more choices readers have, the better off we all are.

New flashcards for most commentaries are now available through a link in the menu bar. These online flashcards are offered in addition to the .ppt, .jpg, and Quizlet cards offered for individual commentaries. The flashcards are in alphabetical order at the moment but will eventually include running vocabulary lists as well. Instructors are able to choose the words they wish students to review, send a short code to their students, and receive an email when the students have completed the review.  Many thanks to Russell Steadman, a chemical engineering major at Ohio State, for his work on this project.

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