Plato’s Apology in August 2020, AP Vergil selections in beta

A beta edition for Plato’s Apology continues to be revised and updated for publication here.  If you would like to recommend changes or suggest that particular grammar boxes be added, please let me know. A paperback edition is expected in August 2020.

The Apology volume is designed for the intermediate  collegiate classroom (35 OCT pages in 35 classes) with every 3 commentary pages corresponding to 1 OCT page (Burnet’s edition). Of course, it can be used for independent reading or classes with different pacing as well.

A very incomplete beta commentary of the Advanced Placement (USA) selections for Vergil’s Aeneid is now available here. During the lockdown  a number of readers expressed to me a very strong interest in a free pdf commentary for AP Vergil selections to assist with online instruction, and I agreed to make something available as soon as possible.

This early draft includes 63 lessons (one per day in AP pacing) with text, corresponding vocabulary, and grammatical notes in a two-page format. The notes and vocabulary will be completed revised once the grammar boxes are in place.

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