Plato’s Apology now in paperback; Beta AP Vergil selections completed

Plato’s Apology is now available in a free pdf (here) and in paperback on Amazon.

A completed beta edition of AP Vergil selections is available as a free pdf here to support instructors and readers who will be reading the AP syllabus online during the pandemic. My original plan was to crowdsource the Vergil commentary, but it is still too easy for someone to slip copyrighted material unnoticed into such a project. Instead,  I will open the commentary to comments on Adobe docs (comment on the pdf!) and update the pdf regularly.

Below is a poll for readers who would like to recommend a future title. You are welcome to choose more than one work and/or submit a suggested author and title.  I take your recommendations very seriously. When I last offered a poll in 2014, I completed three of the titles that you suggested. As always, thank you for the support.

Other suggestions so far: Plato’s Parmenides; Epictetus’ Discourses; Demonsthenes 27-29; Xenophon’s Anabasis Book 2; Ovid’s Heroides; something from Cicero; Sophocles’ Ajax, Isocrates; Gregory of Nyssa’s On the Soul and Resurrection; Thucydides Bk 6; Aristophanes’ Clouds; Diogenes Laertius; Demonsthenes’ On the Crown; “It’s so hard to choose;”  Xenophon’s Memorabilia; Plato’s Protagoras; Longus’ Daphnis and Chloe (2); Plato’s Sophist; Plato’s Republic 2-10; Genesis-Latin Vulgate, Plato’s Timaeus, Hebrews (soon to be available by Joshua Calvin Shaw here), Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, Republic 7, Hesiod, Aristotle’s NE 1,  Iliad 1 or 2,  Argonautika 3, Another Aristophanes (Wasps or Clouds?), Persians, Aristoteles: Politea Atheneia, Aristophanes: Birds, Apollonius Rhodius, GenesisSeptuagint; Odyssey – books 21-24, Epictetus, Gospel of Mark, Thucydides (4 recommendations)

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