Pharr-formatted beta for Euripides’ Bacchae now available

A completed draft of the Pharr-formatted commentary for Euripides’ Bacchae is available for free in PDF format on the Euripides’ Bacchae page on this website.

Each of the 93 pages of commentary includes 15 lines of Greek–with all corresponding vocabulary (5 for fewer times) and grammatical notes below on the same page. Core vocabulary occurring 6 or more times has been included in a running list in the preface and an alphabetized list in the glossary.

This is a very early draft and is intended for early adopters who plan to read the text in the next few months. This commentary has not been proofread and truly is a rough draft. I plan to rewrite, reformat, lengthen, and proofread the work in future revisions until a first edition is available in paperback and in pdf later this year.

Finally, a note of thanks to all who made recommendations for future commentaries in the previous post. Even if I did not respond directly to your comment, I am taking all of your suggestions seriously as I consider future titles. Thank you.

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