AP Pliny and Vergil

This page will soon include a single commentary for the Pliny and Vergil selections that are part of the upcoming changes to the College Board new AP Latin syllabus. (If you are looking for the current 2022-23 AP Vergil selections, go here.)

Progress toward a commentary:

1. I have formatted a single volume of Pliny and Vergil selections to make vocabulary acquisition more efficient–with 69 two-page lessons that correspond to the units and pacing recommended by the College Board.

I have decided to include all required selections of Pliny and Vergil is the same volume because there are so few identifiable high frequency words in just Pliny and just Vergil. The combined vocabulary will allow readers to master the vocabulary more efficiently. If the resulting volume just does not work, I can always include the Pliny and Vergil selections in separate volumes at a later date.

3. Macrons have been added to the formatted Latin text for Pliny and Vergil.

3. The vocabulary entries and frequencies for the entire commentary have been formatted.

4. I have added the corresponding vocabularies (formatted) below the Latin text for all 69 lessons.

5. A rough draft of the grammatical commentary for all Aeneid selections has been added.

6. A rough draft of grammatical commentary for all of the Pliny selections has been added.

7. Running Core list (4 or more times) and Alphabetized Core List (4 or more times) completed for the introduction and glossary.

I am proofreading the grammatical notes and plan to work on the information boxes after June 1st. (21May23)