1.  Early Beta: Commentary on Nicomachean Ethics Bk 1 (pdf, 7.2 mb, 27Jul21)

2. Early Beta: Commentary on Nicomachean Ethics Bks 2 and 3 (pdf, 8.8 mb, 03Jul18)

Above are early beta editions for Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Book 1 and a separate volume for Books 2 and 3. The text is Bywater’s OCT edition and the line numbers correspond to Bekker’s line numbers. There  are three pages of commentary for each Bekker page (~35 lines).

Early beta editions include a lot of unnecessary repetition in the notes (every articular infinitive is identified, for example). In subsequent updates, some notes will be consolidated into grammar boxes and removed, and others will be revised and expanded. Definitions will be revised.

I have included this draft  for those few–so very few–readers who prefer to have a draft now rather than wait for a polished edition later. If you have not read Aristotle before, I recommend that you start with the Politics, which is a far more readable text.