Looking for something to read this summer?

1. Commentary on Petronius’ Cena Trimalchionis (Beta edition, .pdf 11.5 mb, 2Apr18)

Above is a beta edition  for Petronius’ Cena Trimalchionis (Satyrica, 26-78). The current beta edition includes 126 pages of Latin text (10 lines per page) with all corresponding vocabulary and grammatical notes below on the same page. A 1st edition will appear in May for 9.95 USD.

Future updates will include revisions, an introduction, a completed glossary, and student translation sheets.

2. Sample Translation Sheet (Page 1) (.pdf)

A single pdf of all translation sheets will be available no later than May 1st. Above is a sample of the first translation sheet.

The plan is to add images (e.g. triclinium seating of the guests, candelabrum, scyphos, calix, etc.) to the translation sheets to supplement the readings.

3. Suggested Summer 2018 Reading Schedule for reading Cena Trimalchionis in its entirety

  • 2 pages per day (20 lines)        June 1st – August 1st
  • 1.5 pages per day (15 lines)     June 1st – September 1st
  • 1 page per day (10 lines)          June 1st – October 1st