What commentary would you like to see next?

In response to a poll on this website during the first week of July 2015 (see results below), I wrote a commentary on Euripides’ Medea, which is now available in pdf and will soon appear in paperback. I had planned to complete work on Iliad 1 and 24, which finished in 2nd place, last fall, but a change of jobs and a difficult move from Tennessee to Ohio has occupied much of my time until now.







I take your opinions very seriously and wish to continue developing commentaries based on your suggestions, but I now realize that I was mistaken to limit you to  five choices. And so, rather than offer a second poll with a few choices, I am opening the comment section of this post to your recommendations and promise to make your comments available for others to view and respond.

If there is consensus among the comments, then I will start of a new commentary project this month and have a completed draft available some time early this summer. Please let me know what you think.

What commentary would you like to see next?

Update: Thank you for all of the suggestions. I am still considering the possibilities. From now until the end of April, however, I have decided to produce a 2nd edition of Odyssey 9-12. The new edition will include the single-page format found in the Iliad 6 & 22 volume and will be available at the end of June, if not sooner, in pdf and paperback.




Beta editions of Medea and Lysias 12 available

The final beta edition of the Medea is now available. The paperback will appear in early March.

The Lysias 12 commentary, however, is still in the early stages. The pdf includes the Greek text (1o lines per page) and all corresponding vocabulary, but I have yet to add the grammatical notes. Those notes will be added by May 2016.


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