Plato’s Phaedo

1. Plato’s Phaedo Commentary (1st ed., 22 mb .pdf, 25June15 )

The link above contains the 1st ed. of the commentary  Plato’s Phaedo: Greek Text with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary. This 260-page book is now available for $10.95  (discounted from $14.95 until July 2016) on


If you find this book helpful, please consider recommending the work to a colleague or friend.

2. Phaedo’s Running Vocabulary 20 or more times (.pdf, .doc) soon after July 1st

This list includes the high frequency core vocabulary located in the introduction and glossary but not the commentary itself.

In response to readers’ suggestions, I am including .doc copies of the vocabulary lists so that readers can copy and paste the entries as they see fit for personal use and for flashcard programs.

3. Phaedo’s Running Vocabulary 10 or more times (.doc) added 01Jul15

This .doc file includes the high frequency core vocabulary (10 or more times) located in the introduction of the commentary. Words occurring 10-19 times may be found throughout the corresponding commentary, while vocabulary occurring 20 or more times is not found in the corresponding vocabulary.

I wish to thank Tom Walker from Seattle for suggesting the Phaedo as a project.

The commentary above is supposed to complement–and not replace–an advanced commentary. For an advanced-level commentary on the Phaedo, I recommend C.J. Rowe’s Plato: Phaedo (1993), which I have linked to below:


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