1. Xenophon’s Anabasis Book 1 (13.1 mb, pdf., 1st ed., 19 May 2018 ) on Amazon, 10.95 USD

Each of the 119 pages of this commentary includes 10 lines of Greek text (one-third of an OCT page, 1904) and corresponding vocabulary (7 or fewer times) and notes below on the same page. All words occurring 8 or more times are included in running and alphabetized vocabulary lists in the introduction and glossary respectively.

In response a request made by several Greek instructors, I have included Greek-only pages so that teachers can ask students to review a reading in class without easy access to the vocabulary and notes.

2. Xenophon’s Anabasis Book 4 (10.8 mb, pdf., beta ed. 10 June 2017 )

This .pdf is a beta edition that is currently being  revised for print in January 2018. In addition to 109 pages of Greek text, vocabulary, and grammar notes in a single-page format (Marchant’s OCT, 1904), the file includes both running and alphabetized lists of the core vocabulary (8 or more times).


3. Flashcards: Core vocabulary for Anabasis Bk 1 on Quizlet

4. Flashcards: Core vocabulary in Anabasis Bk 4 on Quizlet

5. Xenophon’s Anabasis Book 3. 75% of the commentary is currently completed.

6. Recommended reading in English

Michael Flower’s Xenophon’s Anabasis or the Expedition of Cyrus (2012), 20.95 on Amazon)

There is an excellent scholarly review of the book by John Dillery in BMCR (March 2014)



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