Plato’s Republic I

1. Republic Book 1 Commentary (.pdf revised June 2012, 7.3 mb )

This link contains a free pdf copy of Plato’s Republic Book I: Greek Text with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary available for $14.95 on

2. Republic Running Core Vocabulary (.zip, .ppt) (4 mb): — opens new window —

These PowerPoint presentations contain flashcard slides (one slide Greek, the next slide Greek and English definition) for all six pages (pp. 14-19) of the running core vocabulary in the Republic Book I commentary. Readers must download the SPIonic font (available free online) to view these slide shows.

3.  Republic Running Core Vocabulary Flashcards (.jpg) (13 mb) — opens new window —

This .zip file contains six folders corresponding to the six pages of running core vocabulary (pp. 14-19). Within the folders are paired .jpg flashcards (see the examples below) for all of the core vocabulary words. View these on a computer or upload them as images on a smartphone and view them sequentially.


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