Plato’s Republic I

1. Republic Book 1 Commentary (.pdf revised June 2012, 7.3 mb — right-click on PC, ctrl-click on Mac for option to download directly, otherwise file will download slowly within the browser )

This link contains a free pdf copy of Plato’s Republic Book I: Greek Text with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary available for $13.95 on under a Creative Commons License. If you find this book useful, the best way that you can show your support is by recommending this book and this website to a friend or a fellow colleague. Thank you.

2. Republic Running Core Vocabulary Flashcards (.zip, .ppt) (4 mb): — opens new window —

These PowerPoint presentations contain flashcard slides (one slide Greek, the next slide Greek and English definition) for all six pages (pp. 14-19) of the running core vocabulary in the Republic Book I commentary. Readers must download the SPIonic font (available free online) to view these slide shows. A free PowerPoint presentation viewer is available from Microsoft.

The slides change color to indicate to readers when the presentation has moved from the running core vocabulary on one page (e.g. page 3) to another page (e.g. page 5).

3.  Republic Running Core Vocabulary Flashcards (.jpg) (13 mb) — opens new window —

This .zip file contains six folders corresponding to the six pages of running core vocabulary (pp. 14-19). Within the folders are paired .jpg flashcards (see the examples below) for all of the core vocabulary words. View these on a computer or upload them as photos onto an ipod, smartphone, or similar device and view them sequentially.



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