Sophocles’ Antigone

1. Antigone commentary (12.2 mb pdf, 1st ed.) 28 Oct 2022

The link above contains the 1st ed. of the commentary  Sophocles’ Antigone: Greek Text with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary. This 140-page book is now available for $14.95 on

2. Antigone student translation sheets (.pdf, .5 mb) revised 14 June 15

Each 8.5 x 11 inch page includes 20 lines of the Greek text triple-spaced with lined spaces for readers to write out a translation and make annotations as they read.

Please delete any older versions of this pdf that you may have.

The commentary above is supposed to complement–and not replace–an advanced commentary. For an advanced-level commentary on the Antigone, I recommend Mark Griffith’s Sophocles: Antigone (1999), which I have linked to below:


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