College Caesar

1. College Caesar Commentary (.pdf, 8.5 mb; rev. July 2017 )

This link contains a free pdf copy of College Caesar. This commentary includes all the selections that appear on College Board AP Latin syllabus in the United States:

Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War

Book 1: Chapters 1-7                Book 5: Chapters 24-48

Book 4: Chapters 24-35          Book 6: Chapters 13-20

The companion College Vergil commentary (AP selections) is available on this website  here.

Below are useful files  that complement the College Caesar textbook.

2. Running Core Vocab Flashcards in PowerPoint format (.zip, .ppt, 881 kb) rev. 9 July 2013

Readers do not have a copy of PowerPoint can download the free PowerPoint viewer from Teachers can also review these slides in class. As you master vocabulary, delete slides that you no longer need to review.

3. Running Core Vocab Flashcards  in .jpg format (.zip, ..jpg, 14 mb) rev. 9 July 2013

Upload these images to your  smartphone, tablet or similar device and view the flashcards sequentially in the photo viewer. Delete flashcard images that you no longer need to review.

4. Student Translation sheet, double-spaced (.pdf, revised June 2012)

8.5 x 11 sheets with double-spaced text and lined spaces for written translations. The second page of the .pdf explains how to use this ancillary.

5. Teacher’s PowerPoint Presentation: the entire Latin text for College Caesar  in the exact format as the textbook and the student translation sheets.

College Caesar PowerPoint Presentation, 1.5 spaced (.ppt, revised June 2012)

College Caesar PowerPoint Presentation, double-spaced (.ppt revised June 2012)

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