Iliad 6 and 22

1. Iliad 6 & 22 Commentary (13.1 mb pdf. rev. April. 2015)

This link contains a free pdf copy of Homer’s Iliad 6 and 22: Greek Text with Facing Vocabulary and Commentary available for $14.95 on

2. Double-Spaced Translation Sheets (30 lines per page, 470 kb, .pdf)

The translation sheets include the Greek text for Books 6 and 22 in the left column and lined spaces in the right column for students to write out their translations and make annotations. These files will encourage students to stay organized as they prepare assignments and make it easier to practice scansion.

3. Triple-Spaced Translation Sheets (20 lines per page, 480 kb. .pdf.)

4. Running Core Vocabulary list: 5 or more times (6-page .pdf)

This file complements the running (10 or more times) list in the introduction of the book by adding words occurring five to nine times for readers who desire a more extensive vocabulary review.

5. Core Vocabulary (5 or more times) Flashcards in .ppt format (400 kb, zip file)

6. Core Vocabulary (5 or more times) Flashcards in .jpg format (12 mb, zip file)

6. Advanced-level Commentaries:

This commentary is intended to complement an advanced-level commentary such as Homer: Iliad VI (B. Graziosi and J. Haubold, 2010) or Homer: Iliad XXII (Irene de Jong, 2012) linked below. Both volumes are well worth the money. link

Homer: Iliad Book VI
Graziosi & Haubold

Amazon link

Homer: Iliad Book XXII
Irene de Jong


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